Taiwan Stocks

The settlement date of Taiwan stock market is two working days after trade day (T + 2), settlement currency can be in Taiwan New Dollar or US Dollar. The board lot size of Taiwan Stocks is 1,000 shares.

Daily price fluctuations in Taiwan Stocks are limited to within 10% of the auction reference price at market opening for the given day.
Trading hours for the Taiwan Stock Exchange are Monday to Friday:
09:00 – 13:30 (HKT), odd lot trading hour:13:40 – 14:30 (Sell only)


Phone trading service: Not higher than 0.25%.


Transaction fee: TWD 1,600 (per transaction)
Transaction Levy: 0.3% (sell only)
Custodian Fee: 0.12% (Annualized)

Customer Services: (direct line (852) 2878 0369 or toll-free number 0080-185-6155)
Stock Trading: (direct line (852) 2878 0362 or toll-free number 0080-185-6236)

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