Monthly Investment Plan

Monthly Investment Plan

Minimum investment amount

The monthly investment amount is as low as USD 100, HKD 1,000 or RMB 1,000. The handling fee rate is up to 2%.

Reduce the risk of market volatility

Monthly investment funds are generally long-term investment plans. The advantage of it is based on the concept of “Dollar Cost Averaging”. With the same investment amount, you can acquire more units at market lows and fewer units at market highs which may lower the overall average unit cost over the investment horizon. Therefore, it helps to reduce the risks caused by short-term market fluctuations. Generally speaking, the longer investment period, the greater return.

Less worry about when to get into the market

When the market goes up, many investors want to make money in the market but are worried about “finding the top”. “Dollar Cost Averaging” helps smooth out the peaks and troughs, offsetting market volatility, so you need worry less about timing.

Flexible to the needs

You can change the monthly contribution and adjust the investment plan at any time. Provide 100 funds to choose from, which can be diversified to invest in different types of assets, regions and industries.

Monthly Mutual Funds Investment Plan Sample (Only for reference)

Funds Highlight

FundFund Class
Inception Date
Investment AreaFund Size
Overall Risk GradingYTD %1Y %3Y %5Y %
Allianz China A Shares AT USD03/31/2009China11,977high(3.44)18.5532.4321.55
BGF European A2 USD Hedged10/07/2010Europe2,204high25.5142.5621.5915.52
Allianz Global Artifical Intelligence AT USD03/31/2017Global10,367high12.8846.8333.41N/A
BGF World Technology A203/03/1995Global13,554high11.5434.5333.6135.41
AB SICAV I Sustainable Global Thematic Portfolio A USD08/01/1996Global3,772high18.1135.3221.5819.31
AB SICAV I Low Volatility Equity Portfolio A USD12/11/2012Global3,879high15.1721.3810.2211.07
BGF World Financials A203/03/2000Global1,634high20.5954.4213.4316.97
First Sentier Global Listed Infrastructure I USD 06/27/2008Global1,867high10.4816.608.026.86
Fixed Income
AB American Income AA Inc01/09/2014United States of America24,837medium1.024.415.733.91
PIMCO GIS Income E USD Acc11/30/2012Global73,759medium2.006.685.434.58
PIMCO GIS Asia High Yield M Ret USD Inc II02/14/2019Asia Pacific ex Japan ex Australia2,387medium(0.71)1.92N/AN/A
Asset Allocation
Allianz Income and Growth AT USD11/18/2011United States of America38,166high9.3619.4912.6311.75
BGF ESG Multi-Asset A2 USD H04/16/2010Global4,222high11.3515.0711.209.70

Source: Morningstar (as of 9/30/2021)
*Source: Morningstar (as of 8/31/2021)

Highlight 100 Funds

FundInception DateGlobal Broad
Category Group
Investment AreaFund Size
 Risk GradingYTD %1Y %3Y %5Y %
AB American Gr Ptf A Acc01/06/1997EquityUnited States of America7,530high14.0726.1521.0421.15
AB American Income A2 Acc10/26/1998Fixed IncomeUnited States of America24,364medium0.033.995.493.70
AB Em Mkts Mlt-Asst A Acc06/01/2011AllocationGlobal Emerging Mkts1,046high0.9616.437.165.80
AB Emerging Markets Debt A2 Acc03/23/2006Fixed IncomeGlobal Emerging Mkts833medium(1.86)5.885.503.13
AB European Income A2 USD H Acc09/17/2014Fixed IncomeEurope2,651medium0.464.505.404.54
AB Global High Yield A2 Acc03/14/2002Fixed IncomeGlobal20,511medium3.0211.134.344.11
AB SICAV I Low Volatility Eq A USD Acc12/11/2012EquityGlobal3,769high10.6319.418.5910.19
AB SICAV I Stbl Glbl Tmtc Prflio A USD08/01/1996EquityGlobal3,843high11.8126.8919.9717.56
Allianz All China Equity AT USD12/05/2017EquityChina1,542high(11.29)6.4122.46N/A
Allianz Asian Multi Inc Plus AM USD05/17/2010AllocationAsia Pacific392high(2.65)11.173.944.98
Allianz China A Shares AT USD03/31/2009EquityChina11,931high(3.70)20.5532.0421.85
Allianz Emerging Asia Equity A USD10/03/2008EquityAsia Emerging Mkts83high(2.83)16.9511.918.73
Allianz European Equity Div AM H2 USD10/02/2013EquityEurope2,437high11.3821.641.424.42
Allianz GEM Equity High Div AT USD02/25/2008EquityGlobal Emerging Mkts107high4.3022.349.559.75
Allianz Global Artfcl Intlgc AT USD03/31/2017EquityGlobal9,718high7.8443.3732.70N/A
Allianz Hong Kong Equity A USD10/03/2008EquityHong Kong285high(9.97)4.654.014.52
Allianz Income and Growth AM USD11/18/2011AllocationUnited States of America38,266high7.6419.6312.0011.34
Allianz Thematica AT USD01/25/2019EquityGlobal3,428high6.6024.25N/AN/A
Allianz Total Return Asian Eq A USD10/03/2008EquityAsia Pacific ex Japan539high(6.75)7.6015.7811.88
Allianz US High Yield AM USD08/02/2010Fixed IncomeUnited States of America1,018medium3.388.913.633.44
BEA Union Inv Asian Bd &Ccy A Acc08/28/2008Fixed IncomeAsia Pacific620medium(3.46)1.391.732.25
BEA Union Investment Hong Kong Growth R12/10/2004EquityHong Kong3,196high(10.81)1.122.485.29
BGF Asian Growth Leaders A2 USD10/31/2012EquityAsia Pacific ex Japan1,362high(4.32)20.2811.208.68
BGF Asian Tiger Bond A2 USD02/02/1996Fixed IncomeAsia Pacific ex Japan5,123medium(3.77)(0.69)4.472.63
BGF China A206/24/2008EquityChina1,528high(11.24)5.9910.549.23
BGF China Bond A6 USD Hedged07/04/2018Fixed IncomeChina8,894medium(1.35)0.354.39N/A
BGF Dynamic High Income A2 USD02/06/2018AllocationGlobal3,591high7.0516.486.40N/A
BGF Emerging Markets A211/30/1993EquityGlobal Emerging Mkts2,957high(1.15)22.9013.4112.04
BGF Emerging Markets Bond A210/01/2004Fixed IncomeGlobal Emerging Mkts1,489medium(0.79)6.824.642.82
BGF ESG Multi-Asset A2 USD H04/16/2010AllocationGlobal4,364high9.6914.2210.559.50
BGF European A210/07/2010EquityEurope2,123high19.3034.8019.6014.56
BGF European Special Situations A2 USD H09/25/2013EquityEurope1,856high16.6427.6916.1814.31
BGF Global Allocation A201/03/1997AllocationGlobal18,269medium4.3216.0710.338.44
BGF Global High Yield Bond A2 USD06/08/2007Fixed IncomeGlobal2,643medium2.719.566.245.79
BGF Global Multi-Asset Inc A206/28/2012AllocationGlobal7,277medium4.5611.096.085.38
BGF Japan Small & MidCap Opps A2 USDH05/15/2013EquityJapan207high16.9929.225.3012.58
BGF Latin American A201/08/1997EquityLatin America793high(10.90)19.82(3.62)0.04
BGF Next Generation Technology A209/04/2018EquityGlobal5,677high2.8738.4037.96N/A
BGF Sustainable Energy A204/06/2001EquityGlobal7,167high8.4033.9724.0516.62
BGF United Kingdom A212/31/1985EquityUnited Kingdom577high8.5520.907.029.38
BGF US Basic Value A201/08/1997EquityUnited States of America913high16.6439.477.097.96
BGF US Dollar Short Duration Bd A2 USD10/31/2002Fixed IncomeUnited States of America1,795medium0.071.062.591.82
BGF US Growth A204/30/1999EquityUnited States of America601high12.9123.5819.5121.37
BGF US Small & MidCap Opps A205/13/1987EquityUnited States of America300high21.7048.7010.6210.76
BGF World Energy A204/06/2001EquityGlobal2,169high33.9668.09(7.29)(1.96)
BGF World Financials A203/03/2000EquityGlobal1,676high20.5963.7013.4917.58
BGF World Gold A212/30/1994EquityGlobal4,751high(19.24)(23.61)14.58(0.63)
BGF World Healthscience A204/06/2001EquityGlobal13,664high7.7714.7911.5213.14
BGF World Mining A203/24/1997EquityGlobal6,225high3.0927.9814.3012.41
BGF World Technology A203/03/1995EquityGlobal12,873high5.1129.4831.1933.28
BNP Paribas Brazil Equity C C12/12/2006EquityBrazil97high(15.02)11.681.080.17
BNP Paribas Consumer Innovtr Cl USD C01/23/2015EquityGlobal1,665high6.1724.1515.8517.65
BNP Paribas Energy Transition C USD C05/17/2013EquityGlobal3,607high(10.46)46.4323.8416.50
BNP Paribas Russia Eq C USD Cap05/17/2013EquityRussia996high20.9642.4412.6513.90
China Sthn Drgn Dy CHN NewBalOp A USD12/05/2012EquityChina133high4.3023.6720.7713.16
CUAM China-Hong Kong Strategy A USD05/18/2017EquityChina244high(9.46)6.7723.40N/A
First Sentier Asian Bridge Fund I USD09/25/2003AllocationAsia Pacific ex Japan404medium(0.51)10.508.417.47
First Sentier Asian Quality Bd I USD Acc07/14/2003Fixed IncomeAsia Pacific ex Japan1,866medium(0.35)1.095.623.16
First Sentier Glb Lstd Infra I USD Inc06/27/2008EquityGlobal1,912high6.1015.447.575.70
FSSA Asian Eq Plus I USD Acc02/25/2005EquityAsia Pacific ex Japan7,411high1.7322.4111.1911.97
FSSA Asian Growth I USD Acc08/05/1999EquityAsia Pacific ex Japan445high3.6924.8510.719.39
FSSA China Growth I USD Acc08/17/1999EquityChina3,899high(6.99)9.4212.1214.60
FSSA Greater China Growth I USD Acc10/18/2002EquityChina (Greater)1,062high(1.15)16.3513.3814.93
FSSA Hong Kong Growth I USD Acc02/22/2000EquityHong Kong170high(2.63)10.965.8310.16
FSSA Indian Subcontinent I USD Acc08/23/1999EquityIndia395high23.6948.1513.7911.05
FSSA Japan Equity I USD Acc09/06/2016EquityJapan535high5.1324.7617.1717.19
Income Ptnrs Mgd Vol Hi Yld Bd 2GAccUSDH10/13/2015Fixed IncomeChina123*medium(5.83)(2.77)0.861.19
Invesco ASEAN Equity A USD AD09/07/2018EquityASEAN73high0.1516.49(0.89)0.67
Invesco Glbl Consmr Trnds A USD Acc10/03/1994EquityGlobal6,525high(0.10)22.2415.9919.49
Invesco Nippon Small/Md Cp Eq A USD AD07/07/2011EquityJapan104high(0.63)
JPM China A (dist) USD07/04/1994EquityChina6,928high(15.30)5.3420.6417.58
JPM Emerging Europe Equity A (acc) USD06/10/2011EquityEurope Emerging Mkts536high19.8335.9711.549.66
JPM Emerging Middle East Eq A (dist) USD05/18/1998EquityMiddle East & Africa98high26.2135.7213.0812.27
JPM Europe Dynamic Techs Fd A (acc) USDH03/03/2014EquityEurope1,284high23.5041.9223.2722.78
JPM Latin America Equity A (dist) USD05/13/1992EquityLatin America496high(8.61)24.032.892.84
JPM Russia A (dist) USD11/18/2005EquityRussia434high23.1540.6415.1913.63
JPM US Aggregate Bond A (dist) USD09/15/2000Fixed IncomeUnited States of America4,210low(1.67)(0.85)4.912.44
JPM US Technology A (dist) USD12/05/1997EquityUnited States of America6,040high5.1933.1131.6533.11
JPMorgan ASEAN (acc) - USD07/07/1983EquityASEAN1,368high3.8628.223.295.27
JPMorgan Asia Equity Div (mth) - USD05/31/2013EquityAsia Pacific ex Japan1,297high5.6327.316.196.46
JPMorgan Asian Smlr Coms (acc) - USD12/02/1991EquityAsia Pacific ex Japan287high16.4037.6821.3014.10
JPMorgan Asian Tot Ret Bd (mth) - USD01/18/2005Fixed IncomeAsia Pacific2,738medium(1.82)
JPMorgan China A-Share Opp (acc) - USD12/10/2014EquityChina387high(7.86)14.0626.3118.11
JPMorgan China Income (acc) - USD06/22/2009AllocationChina524high(2.54)8.266.617.49
JPMorgan China Pioneer A-Share06/19/2006EquityChina1,500high(7.78)13.8426.2318.35
JPMorgan Japan (Yen) (acc) - USD Hdg08/01/2013EquityJapan392high10.0124.1714.2619.65
JPMorgan Multi Income (mth) - USD09/09/2011AllocationGlobal5,824medium6.3016.146.816.20
Ninety One GSF Glb Gold A Inc USD11/26/1990EquityGlobal707high(21.00)(26.82)16.842.73
Ninety One GSF Glb Strat Eq A Inc USD04/06/1994EquityGlobal1,830high12.6031.4410.4412.18
Ninety One GSF Global Envir A Acc USD02/25/2019EquityGlobal988high4.2635.38N/AN/A
PIMCO GIS Asia HY Bd E USD Acc07/01/2020Fixed IncomeAsia Pacific ex Japan2,415medium(4.73)(0.19)N/AN/A
PIMCO GIS Divers Inc E USD Inc07/31/2006Fixed IncomeGlobal18,612medium(0.31)
PIMCO GIS Em Mkts Bdd E USD Inc10/28/2005Fixed IncomeGlobal Emerging Mkts4,880medium(1.89)4.145.543.81
PIMCO GIS Emerg Lcl Bd E USD Acc11/19/2008Fixed IncomeGlobal Emerging Mkts2,271medium(6.83)2.973.531.37
PIMCO GIS Glb Hi Yld Bd E USD Acc09/11/2006Fixed IncomeGlobal5,453medium2.407.765.094.84
PIMCO GIS GlInGd Crdt E USD Inc04/30/2008Fixed IncomeGlobal18,853medium(1.55)1.404.823.24
PIMCO GIS Income E USD Acc11/30/2012Fixed IncomeGlobal73,673medium1.816.845.264.41
PIMCO GIS Ttl Ret Bd E USD Inc10/10/2005Fixed IncomeGlobal5,267low(1.62)(0.64)5.012.76
PIMCO GIS US Hi Yld Bd E USD Acc03/31/2006Fixed IncomeUnited States of America4,143medium3.249.385.215.07
PineBridge India Equity A09/12/2005EquityIndia965high21.7044.5017.3710.92
T. Rowe Price Glb High Inc Bd A USD06/04/2015Fixed IncomeGlobal686medium3.6611.335.725.63
T. Rowe Price US Lg Cap Gr Eq A USD11/13/2003EquityUnited States of America2,870high13.2326.4719.9022.99

Source: Morningstar (as of 9/30/2021)
*Source: Morningstar (as of 8/31/2021)

Terms and Conditions
  1. The monthly investment contribution amount under this plan will be debited from Client’s account with KGI as indicated above (“KGI Account”) on the 11th day of each month. If the 11th day of a month is not a business day or a typhoon signal number 8 or above is being hoisted on such day, the application will be executed on the next business day.
  2. Please ensure that sufficient and immediately available fund for the monthly investment contribution amount is deposited in the KGI Account on or before the 10th day of each month. If the 10th day of a month is not a business day, please arrange such fund to be deposited and available in your KGI Account before the 10th day of such month.
  3. Commission will be charged by KGI separately without deduction from the investment amount.
  4. For the purposes of carrying out the Client’s instructions, KGI may, at any time in its sole and absolute discretion and without any obligation, convert any amount in any currency in the Client’s KGI Account or standing to the Client’s credit to any other currency. Exchange rate losses and the costs of such conversion shall be solely borne by the Client.
  5. KGI Asia Limited (“KGI”) reserves the right from time to time to specify any other date as the payment date.
  6. If KGI does not receive Client’s monthly investment contribution amount in full or any part of it by the payment date for any reason, KGI reserves the right to reject or cancel Client’s application either in whole or in part without any prior notice or assigning any reason therefor.
  7. KGI is acting as agent for client’s trading of f pursuant to this plan.
  8. Actual dealing price(s) will be determined by the relevant fund house(s) and any quotations provided by KGI are indicative only.
  9. All dividends and distributions declared on a fund(s) under this plan will be automatically reinvested  unless otherwise agreed with or determined by KGI (if applicable).
  10. Client understands that investment in the relevant fund(s) involves risks and Client assumes and is capable of assuming all such risks.
  11. Client confirms that Client’s decision to invest is based upon Client’s own judgment and Client has taken independent professional advice where necessary according to Client’s own personal circumstances.
  12. Client declares and warrants that Client is not prohibited or restricted from making any investment in the fund(s), and that any investment Client may make in the fund(s) does not and shall not violate or breach any law, rule, regulation or any other restriction or provision applicable to Client and Client agrees to provide KGI with such necessary documentary proof or certificate to that effect upon KGI’s request.
  13. Client agrees to pay all costs, fees and expenses (including, without limitation, all fees imposed by third parties and all taxes, duties and levies) payable in respect of any investment acquired, held or redeemed pursuant to Client’s order.
  14. If Client comprises of more than one person or entity, all obligations of such Client shall be joint and several as regards such persons and entities.
  15. Client agrees and acknowledges that monetary benefits will be received and retained by KGI and/or any of its associates from the Fund Houses (directly or indirectly) for distributing the product which will be paid out of the subscription fees, redemption fees, management fees and/or performance fees paid in relation to the product invested by the Client.
  16. Client acknowledges that in the event the relevant fund house(s) refuse(s) to accept any application from Client for subscription of its/their fund(s), the relevant money paid by Client will be refunded without any interest or compensation to Client’s KGI Account.
  17. Client understands and acknowledges that even though the relevant fund(s) has/have been authorized by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong for public distribution in Hong Kong, such authorization does not imply official recommendation of such fund(s).
  18. KGI reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time without any prior.
  19. In case of any discrepancy between the Chinese and the English versions, the latter shall prevail.

Risk Disclosures

Investments involve risks. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. The price movement of Mutual Funds may be volatile. It may go up as well as down, and may even become valueless. Therefore, customers may not receive any return from the Mutual Funds investment, or may sustain losses in the investment. Customers may not be able to liquidate their investment immediately under certain market conditions. Before making any investment decisions, customers should seek independent financial advice.

Warning Statements on Complex Products

Investors should exercise caution in relation to Complex Products. A “complex product” refers to an investment product whose terms, features and risks are not reasonably likely to be understood by a retail investor because of its complex structure. Investors may lose the entire invested amount or more than the invested amount (if applicable). For Complex Products for which the offering documents or information provided by the Issuer have not been reviewed by the SFC, investors are advised to exercise caution in relation to the offer. For Complex Products described as having been authorized by the SFC, SFC authorization does not imply official recommendation, is not a recommendation or endorsement of a product and does not guarantee the commercial merits of a product or its performance. Where past performance information is provided, past performance is not indicative of future performance. Some Complex Products are only available to professional investors. Investors should read the offering documents and other relevant materials to understand the key nature, features and risks of a Complex Product and are advised to seek independent professional advice before making any investment decision and should have sufficient net worth to be able to assume the risks and bear the potential losses of trading the product.

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