Wealth Inheritance

Wealth Inheritance

To manage your retirement reserves effectively, and to let it grow in value that can safeguard your needs and your successors in a long run.


FWD Life
MaxFocus Achiever Insurance Plan

  • Providing your wealth with long-term growth potential
  • Flexible premium term and cash withdrawals to meet your financial needs
  • Unlimited times for change of insured for endless wealth inheritance


Bonus Power Vantage

  • Accumulating wealth over time with potentially high returns
  • Bonus Lock-in Option to realise potential returns
  • Change of Insured Option for legacy planning
  • Unemployment Benefit for extra flexibility during tough times


ManuGrand Saver 2

  • Three ways for potential long-term savings
  • Realization option to lock in potential gains
  • Flexible withdrawal options to suit your financial needs
  • Passing on your wealth to the next generations
  • Different options for paying your premiums

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