Saving and Retirement Plan

Saving and Retirement Plan

Saving for the Future

Life is unpredictable and we need to plan ahead in order to live in a more stress-free life. Insurance saving plan helps you to prepare ahead of time to protect yourself and your family, and plan for your ideal retirement life in the future.


Fubon Life Insurance
Wealth Elite Saver

  • Accumulate your wealth with high Guaranteed Cash Value and non-guaranteed Dividends
  • Pass your wealth to future generations
  • Protect your family through Policy continuation


China Life Insurance (Overseas)
MyHarvest Wealth Planner

  • Double potential returns to accelerate wealth building
  • Flexible access to your wealth for matching your needs
  • Unlimited change of insured to pass on wealth across generations
  • Contingent insured to sustain insurance coverage

Qualified Deferred Annuity Plan (QDAP)

By converting a sum of cash into a stable cash flow and guaranteeing a monthly income, you can enjoy your retirement life. Coupled with tax deductible benefit, it is convenient and flexible to manage your finances, eliminating financial pressure. No medical examination is required, which is simple and easy.


Sunlife Finance
Deferred Annuity Plan

  • Multiple choices to meet retirement needs
  • Significant value-added potential for monthly annuity payments
  • Flexible death benefit payment options


ManuLeisure Deferred Annuity

  • Save on tax while you save for retirement
  • A stable income stream for retirement
  • Terminal bonus to support your financial journey
  • Be prepare with Critical Illness Advanced Benefit
  • No medical examination


BOC Life
Deferred Annuity (Lifetime)

  • Potential returns for your wealth accumulation
  • Lifelong Guaranteed Monthly Annuity Income payable from Insured’s age of 60 to enjoy care-free retirement
  • Various Premium Payment Terms and Multiple options of policy currency
  • Easy and convenient application with no medical examination

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