Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme​

The Voluntary Medical Insurance Scheme (VHIS) is a government recognized. It encourages Hong Kong citizens to opt for timely and high-quality private medical care services. There is an added advantage of VHIS which is tax deductibility.​


AIA Voluntary Health Insurance Privilege Plus Scheme (AVPP)

  • Lifetime benefit limit of HKD50 million
  • High annual benefit limit of HKD10 million
  • Up to 15% no claim premium discount
  • Full cover for prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments


Voluntary Health Insurance Series Flexible Plan (Superior)

  • One-stop doctor appointment procedure for video diagnosis and drug prescription
  • Lifetime protection limit: Unlimited
  • "No deposit on admission, no charge on discharge" service


Bupa Hero VHIS

    Annual coverage limit ~
  • Advance Plan HK$25,000,000
  • Deluxe Pan : HK$30,000,000
  • Lifetime Benefit Limit : Nil
  • Period of Cover : One year, renewable yearly for life

Medical Plan

Medical expenses are increasingly expensive. In order not to be hampered by financial difficulties for receiving quality medical services, you can choose a medical insurance plan that suits you, without delaying any diagnosis and treatment.


SunLife Financial
Sunhealth Medical Essential

  • Full compensation for hospitalization and surgical expenses in Semi-Private Room in Asia
  • No-hospital arrangement for hospitalization, allowing you to focus on rehabilitation
  • Guaranteed renewal up to 100 years of age and easy application process


CEO Essence
Medical Plan 2

  • Reimbursed medical plan
  • Guaranteed lifetime renewal
  • Full protection for Major Benefits Items
  • Annual limit: HK $10 million


FWD Life
The One
Medical Solution

  • Global lifetime protection up to HK $ 100 million, no major medical expenses limit
  • Full coverage of designated critical illnesses
  • 9 different plan options to fit your specific needs

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