Alternative Funds

Alternative Funds

Hedge Fund

An alternative investment product that pursues absolute returns and is actively managed. It adopts a variety of investment strategies such as, long/short position, market neutral, convertible arbitrage, global macro, managed futures, fixed income arbitrage, and event-driven.


Commodity Fund

Commodity fund provides investors with a convenient and effective way to invest flexibly in the commodity market. The fund may invest in commodity futures, commodity-related stocks and commodity indices.

Top 5 Performing Funds

FundBase CurrencyFund Size
Overall Risk GradingYTD
3Y (Annualized)
5Y (Annualized)
Schroder ISF Global Energy A Acc USDUSD362aggressive30.910.67(3.70)4.4054.11(15.38)(7.35)
Franklin Natural Resources A(acc)USDUSD457*high19.60(1.45)(6.70)3.0436.78(8.38)(3.65)
Ninety One GSF Glb Energy A Acc USDUSD381high15.
BGF World Mining A2USD7,065high14.32(6.19)(8.24)5.1835.1120.5116.46
BGF Natural Resources Gr & Inc A2 USDUSD201high17.69(2.09)(5.15)6.1834.425.427.12

Source: Morningstar (as of 8/31/2021)
*Source: Morningstar (as of 7/31/2021)

Main Risks

Hedge fund strategies are relatively complex. Most hedge funds are not traded daily, tend to be less liquid with higher degree of risks than traditional funds. Before making any investment decisions, investors are required to read the offering documents, understand the nature of the funds, and the underlying risks involved.

The value of commodity can fluctuate. Investors need to be aware of the risks involved in futures contracts or OTC financial derivatives on such products.

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