Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

KGI Wealth Management distributes a wide range of mutual funds from world-renowned fund providers. Over 400 funds authorized by the Hong Kong Securities and Future Commission are available on our platform to meet your investment needs. KGI trading account allows investors to place order easily through KGI hotline or via KGI MAP online mutual fund trading platform.

Funds Highlight

FundBase CurrencyFund Size
Overall Risk GradingYTD
3Y (Annualized)
5Y (Annualized)
Allianz China A Shares ATUSD11,931high(3.70)(0.27)(8.51)4.8820.5532.0421.85
Matthews Asia China Small Companies Fund AUSD647high0.40(3.85)(10.70)(0.14)15.4327.0321.69
BlackRock European Fund A2 HgdUSD2,123high19.30(4.95)1.6813.2734.8019.6014.56
BlackRock Emerging Markets Fund A2USD2,957high(1.15)(4.77)(10.10)(6.15)22.9013.4112.04
Allianz Global Artificial Intelligence Fund ATUSD9,718high7.84(4.46)(5.73)6.6243.3732.70N/A
AB Sustainable Global Thematic Portfolio AUSD3,843high11.81(5.33)2.098.8826.8919.9717.56
AB Low Volatility Equity Portfolio AUSD3,769high10.63(3.94)0.737.6319.418.5910.19
BlackRock World Financials Fund A2USD1,676high20.590.004.849.9963.7013.4917.58
PIMCO GIS Income Fund E AccUSD73,673medium1.81(0.19)0.322.146.845.264.41
BlackRock China Bond Fund A2RMB57,402medium0.72(1.14)(0.16)0.833.126.165.50
Allianz Income and Growth Fund ATUSD38,266high7.64(1.57)0.206.0619.6312.0011.34
BlackRock ESG Multi-Asset Fund A2 HgdUSD4,364high9.69(1.49)1.885.4914.2210.559.50

Source: Morningstar (as of 9/30/2021)
*Source: Morningstar (as of 8/31/2021)

How to choose the right mutual funds

Before investing in any funds, evaluate your financial status, identify your investment goal, investment horizon and risk tolerance.

Based on your investment objective and risk tolerance, examine the fund portfolio to see if it meets your investment goal.

Choose a reputable fund manager, and review his/her background, total funds under management, historical track record, investment process and infrastructure.

It is essential to understand the types of charges associated with the fund, such as the initial subscription fee, redemption fee, switching fee, and management fee, disclosed in the prospectus.

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