​KGI has extensive experience and know how to help our client to invest in bonds. There are many choices in different bond issuers and currencies, and we would provide customers with the latest bond market updates and information everyday.

How to choose your bond?

Identifying investment goals

Why choose bonds for investment? The level of risk you are prepared to take will determine the type of bonds relevant for investment.
How much capital can be allocated to purchase bonds? If there are limited resources, you may consider subscribing to bond funds.
How long will the bond be held? This factor directly affects the maturity of the bond selected for investment. If the bond is sold before its maturity date, bondholders will be subject to price risk.
The cashflow in the future may affect the coupon rate of the selected bond and the frequency of interest distribution.

Understanding the relevant terms and conditions of the bond

Such as the characteristics of bonds, maturity dates, repayment methods, etc. Assessing whether the bond has investment value.

Consider bond default / credit risk

Liquidity in the secondary market

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